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jewelry_art's Journal

The Art of Making Jewelry
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This is an open community for the discussion and appreciation of artistic and professional aspects of jewelry-making. It is intended as a cross-disciplinary community for jewelry-makers and others interested in viewing and discussing more advanced or unusual pieces and techniques, as opposed to the simple plastic beadwork, easy Fimo pendants and other "DIY"-craft jewelry present on many other jewelry and crafts communities.

This community was created to be an open community. There are no applications or votes on community membership, and you do not have to present a set number of pieces of your own work in order to be accepted to post here. You can be a professional jewelry artist, a weekend hobbyist, or just someone with a strong interest in the art form. This is meant to be a friendly, welcoming community where people who have a serious interest in jewelry art can learn and grow, rather than a "ratings community" or an art-school review board :) In order to ensure that new members read the community guidelines and post material of an appropriate level for this community, initial post(s) will be moderated. If the initial post(s) are deemed appropriate, the moderator will then grant general posting access to that member, who will then be able to post without approval.

When you join, please introduce yourself and tell us about your jewelry-making background and your interest in this community. You are also encouraged to post pictures of your own work, in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. Acceptable "jewelry art" - The work posted and discussed must be of a level consistent with this community. Pieces made with more advanced techniques and materials are preferred. Very simple beadwork or DIY crafts are generally not acceptable. Pieces made with simple materials (e.g. Fimo, Sculpey, paper, plastic beads, plastic toys, plastic cutouts, bottle caps, hemp, etc.) may be acceptable if the piece is unusual, creative, or complex.

2. Picture posting guidelines - A single picture posted without a cut-tag can be a maximum of 600 wide by 800 long. If you wish to post a larger picture, or additional pictures, please put them behind a cut. Please do not post more than 5 pictures per entry. Also, please use discretion in the number of closely spaced entries you make - e.g. please do not post 15 pictures of your work in three separate entries in the course of a day - allow some time for others to post between your entries.

3. Posting similar pieces - If you have made a number of very similar pieces, please consider posting one or two of your best examples rather than 30 pictures of the same thing.

4. Criticism - All criticism should be constructive. Members who leave unconstructive or rude comments will be warned and then, if they persist, banned. We expect community members to understand that "art" is a broadly inclusive term and therefore, work posted may not be to everyone's personal taste, and act accordingly with tolerance and politeness.

5. Sales - This is not a sales community. It is acceptable to include, as part of a larger post, the price of a work or a link to a website or journal that you use for selling. It is also acceptable to respond to comments you might get asking about the price of a piece or whether it is available. However, posts that primarily focus on selling or advertising will not pass moderation, or (if made by a member with posting access) will be deleted by the moderator without warning. Please note that if your approach to jewelry is to mass-produce a number of fairly simple pieces to sell, this community may not be the right place for you.

6. Images - All images and work posted on this community are the property of the individual artist. It is expected that many postings will deal with the posters' own work. From time to time, posters might want to reference another artist's work, books, etc. If you wish to do this, please reference by name or text-link (not image-link) a site featuring the works. In general, you should not post images belonging to other artists here without the artist's express permission. Possible exceptions are advertisements/banners for shows/exhibitions, and photographs that you have taken yourself (for example, a photo, taken by you, of a piece by another artist that you own).

Questions may be directed to the moderator by e-mail at roses_rejoice@livejournal.com.
Thanks for visiting! Have fun!!

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